Team Building Options:


1.  Guided Free Style Event

 Team members get their own 16x20 canvas and paints their own unique painting using their own artistic vision under the helpful guidance of one of our skilled artists

      •Team building tip ~ Everyone will share some thoughts about their painting at the end of the session. This lets people show off their individual personalities and view points. Draw workplace parallels by talking about the creative process 

 2.  Themed Event

 Everyone will create their own unique artwork on a 16x20 canvas, but will focus on a theme of your groups choosing. For example, Your company motto and challenge team members to include them in their artwork.

 3.  The Big Picture (Featured in the picture above)

 Group will choose a word, logo or phrase.  Each team will split up into groups of 2-4.   Each team will get one extra large canvas with part of the overall "Big Picture" outlined on it.  When everyone is done painting, the canvases can be arranged to make one big piece of art to be displayed in your office building.

     • Team building tip: This format challenges your groups communication, teamwork and groups problem solving skills. 

 4.  Paint & Create "Sip & Paint" Style

 Artwork will be chosen in advance from our Adult Paint Gallery. Team members will get a 16x20 canvas and will be guided step-by-step by our skills artist to create their very own masterpiece. 

      •Team building tip ~ Everyone works together, while learning the new skill of painting. Encouraging and helping each other along the way. 

5. ALL NEW Pallet & Paint Event: 

A new addition to Paint & Create we bring you PALLET & PAINT pallet design workshops! Everyone gets to choose a design from our gallery of pallets. We take care of set up beforehand and the clean up afterwards! We give you up to 3 hours of studio creativity! Our amazing staff offers guided instruction for each project! We provide all of the materials needed (including wall hangers)! Each guest will leave with a beautiful, classic wooden piece to adorn his or her walls!